With experience of more than 500+ installations, Cotmac specializes in optimizing material handling with electrical and automation equipment for controlling the motions of overhead and industrial cranes. We deploy a variety of automation solutions for monorail, flat conveyor, robotic and gantry applications.

Cotmac’s team is well-equipped with knowledge of various technologies like Wireless, Drive Based Technology (DBT) and Drive Based Sway Control (DBSC).

Data collected from embedded devices in material handling equipment can be used by a digital enterprise to measure, control and enhance material handling operations.

Heavy load movement with variable speed helps optimization of crane operations while maintaining accuracy. Energy savings and enhanced safety are important outcomes, if the system operation is in regenerative mode.

Few of our industry specific solutions include:

  • Hot Metal Ladle
  • CRM
  • Slab Handling
  • CTL
  • Di-Gripper

Our domain expertise is outlined below:

  • Remote Diagnostic Feature
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Automated Positioning

Our application experience includes:

  • Glass Coating Line
  • Airport Baggage Handling system
  • Ash handling System
  • Crane Automation
  • Conveyor Lines
  • Stacker and Reclaimer
  • Coal Handling System (CHS)

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