Sustainability, higher efficiency and customer expectations of newer models and features is driving transformation in the automotive industry. To meet this challenge, auto manufacturers across the value chain are keen to embrace Industry 4.0.

However, in India, the overall penetration of automation solutions - the first step towards creating a digital enterprise - is still moderate. Cotmac’s solutions for the automotive industry - PLC, SCADA, Robotics, Motion Control, Drives, Vision Systems and Bar Coding - enable customers to embrace the latest technologies.

Ironically, in a booming market like India, companies in the automotive industry are struggling to meet customer expectations of timely delivery and consistent quality. Automation could play a key role in enhancing production efficiency and creating a foundation for a digital enterprise.

Cotmac’s automation expertise includes:

  • Body Shop (BIW)
  • Press Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Machining, Assembly Lines
  • Power Train
  • Gearbox Test Rigs
  • EV Test Bench

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