Cement, Metals and Mining


In the multi-layered subsystems and complex processes of the cement industry, Cotmac brings in technical expertise to help design economic and energy efficient processes.

Areas Of Our Domain Expertise Include:

    • Kiln Control
    • Slag Galvanization Plant
    • Cement Packer Automation
    • Gypsum Neutralization Plant
    • Raw Material Handling Plant
    • Legacy System improvement and consolidation

Metals and Mining

Cotmac offers completely integrated as well as stand-alone solutions for the entire iron and steel production path. In mining applications we help you create control systems to get the most out of your minerals equipment and processes.

Areas Of Our Domain Expertise Include:

    • Material Handling
    • EAF & Ladle Furnace Automation
    • Caster
    • Rolling Mills
    • ROT & Cooling Bed
    • Tension leveler
    • Slitting line
    • Winder & Un-winder Application