The scope of the project involved supply of fully wired Electrical as well as Operator Panels along with application development & commissioning of PLC, HMI and SCADA. And also, parametrisation of VFD – G150, G120, G120D, SIMOCODES and Soft Starters.


  • Converted the HMI and SCADA Programs in Russian Language
  • Profinet Interface to VFDs
  • Configured redundant SCADA system
  • Historian system
  • Customized SCADA and HMI templates and objects
  • Integrated control equipment like Control Boxes, Control Desks, MCC Panels with PLC Panels on PROFINET
  • Configured MOXA Managed Switch Configuration as well as Soft Starter, Simo code and G120 VFD
  • Entire process made visible and controllable from single control room
  • Historic process data made available for process analysis
  • System provided diagnostics that helps to identify the exact problem and address it to reduce process lead time
  • System provided SCADA server redundancy
  • Shift reports for analytics


The customer achieved:

  • Continuous briquette production
  • High quality production (due to moisture sensors for controlling water content in raw material)
  • Ease of operation