Scope of Cotmac was to supply fully wired Electrical as well as Operator Panels.

Application development of PLC, HMI and SCADA Software Program.

Commissioning of PLC, SCADA, HMI.

Parametrisation of VFD – G150, G120, G120D, SIMOCODES and Soft Starters.


  • Converted the HMI and SCADA Programs in Russian Language
  • Profinet Interface to VFDs
  • Configured redundant SCADA system
  • Historian system
  • Customized SCADA and HMI templates and objects
  • Integrated control equipment like Control Boxes, Control Desks, MCC Panels with PLC Panels on PROFINET
  • Configured MOXA Managed Switch Configuration as well as Soft Starter, Simo code and G120 VFD
  • Entire process made visible and controllable from single control room
  • Historic process data made available for process analysis
  • System provided diagnostics that helps to identify the exact problem and address it to reduce process lead time
  • System provided SCADA server redundancy
  • Shift reports for analytics


The customer achieved:

  • Continuous briquette production
  • High quality production due to moisture sensors for controlling water content in raw material
  • Ease of operation