Digitalization of the entire water cycle is fast becoming a norm in the water and wastewater industry.

Cotmac offers automation and control solutions for all types of water processes: desalination, water pumping, distribution, irrigation, industrial water treatment, wastewater treatment, waterways and coastal protection. Our solutions include PLC, SCADA, Historian, IOT, Analytics and IT networking.

By 2025, nearly 20% of the human population would be impacted by water scarcity, as per the United Nations. Hence, smart water management is not an option.

Water engineering systems are significantly large and complex. We have executed automation projects to enable our customers to optimize their operations and create a foundation to become a smart water management enterprise.

Plant areas and technologies that Cotmac has worked in the past include:

  • Water Distribution Systems (RTUs)
  • Headworks for WTP & WWTP
  • Clarifiers / Vertical Loop Reactors
  • Oxidation Ditch
  • Aerators
  • RAS/WAS Flow Control
  • Sludge Handling Systems
  • Filters
  • RO Systems

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