In this project independent S7-300 PLC was provided for Operations control building, Blower building, Sludge pumping & chlorination building, Solid handling building for collecting process information. We used Wonderware SCADA for operations.


  • Require more number of highly skilled operators.
  • Controlling Plant manually was time and energy consuming
  • Recording of the plant data manually was highly difficult.
  • No diagnostics were available on equipment failure.
  • Highly skilled operators were required to control the plant.
  • Process parameter measurement was difficult.


  • S7-300 system, Wonderware SCADA
  • Network & Control panel drawings
  • PLC & SCADA Engineering
  • Integration with third party systems
  • Wonderware 7 operator stations on NAD structure
  • Modbus serial for field instruments
  • FAT


  • Entire process visible and controlled from single control room
  • Historic Process Data available for process analysis
  • Historic Alarms/Events available for fault tracking and preventive maintenance
  • Readily available plant production reports with SCADA system
  • System provides diagnostics which helps to identify the exact problem and address it
  • Efficient plant control leads to time & energy saving
Automation of Waste Water Treatment Plant