Carbonated Soft Drinks Plant Automation

Customer : Carbonated Soft Drinks Plant
Segment   : CO2 Extraction & Purification

  • Need to Upgrade manually operated plant with Automation using S7 and HMI based.
  • To Recycle & Reuse the UT Byproduct (Raw CO2 ) with minimum manual intervention and optimum manpower.
  • To improve product cost and life cycle.
  • To improve process and final product quality.

Engineering , Development and Commissioning of CO2 plant with Siemens S7 and HMI Based System

  • Fully automated Standalone system.
    S88 based modular implementation.
  • 24 / 7 running operations.
  • Manual intervention only to acknowledge or reset faults.
  • Event & trend logging for analysis.
  • Improved productivity due to minimum manual intervention.
  • To produce high purity CO2 . Optimum control of critical process parameters to maintain consistency in product quality.
  • Improved quality & production feasibility.
    Easy commissioning and diagnostic functions.
  • Operator friendly and easy to diagnose process operation functions.