Cotmac Electronics is the Authorized Solution Partner (ASP) for Cognex, the world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation. Machine vision solutions are deployed to ensure superior quality compliance, low rejections, eliminate manual interpretations and complete traceability.

We have executed turnkey vision solutions for over 500 customers and consistently ranked as number one Cognex partner for the last five years. Cotmac is known for its faster product and service delivery.

Machine vision is used in a variety of industrial processes, like machine inspection, object recognition, pattern recognition, electronic component analysis and even recognition of signatures, optical characters and currency. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.

Few of the key technologies that we have deployed include:

  • Bar Coding Solutions
  • Area Scan imaging
  • Line Scan imaging
  • Photometric Studio
  • 3D imaging
  • Artificial and Deep Learning with Vision.

Cotmac has been awarded the “Best in Vision” award for India by Cognex in 2018. We have designed and implemented machine vision inspection solutions using world class components from the repertoire of Cognex products.

Automated Vision and Tracking solutions

Cotmac offers customized vision-based inspection, guidance and identification systems that give machines the power to “see.” Vision systems provide early detection of process errors, ensure shipments are free from all defects, and reduce the quantity of scrapped components.

The systems are rugged, easy to use, reliable and more efficient. Through robotics and intelligent material handling systems, Cotmac helps to optimize production to accurately match process speed and positioning.

Few of the key industry verticals serviced by Cotmac include: Automotive

Child part presence/absence, Orienting of part, Sequential Application, Reading codes on parts, OCR/OCV, Verify Assembly – Engine Assembly & Traceability, Powertrain Assembly, Tire & Wheel Identification, Tire Assembly Inspection, Airbag Component Inspection, Brake pad & Valve Component Inspection, Instrument Cluster Inspection, Electronics PCB Component Inspection, Battery Inspection, 2d DPM Code Reading

Food and Beverage

Verifying the correct Allergen Label, Foreign Particle Inspection, Reading and Verifying 1D and 2D Codes, Detecting Missing Items, Fill Level Inspection, Packaging Inspection. OCR/OCV, Tamper-proof & Safety Seal Inspection, Anti-counterfeiting, Automated Sorting

Packaging Field Applications

Inspection of cap and label and presence and position. Location of objects on Conveyors and Palletizing with Automated Systems. Packaging Inspection. OCR/OCV. 1-D & 2-D Code Reading

Pharmaceutical Applications

Verification of the presence of safety seals on bottles. Verification of 1D, 2D and Date and Lot Codes. Character verification on extremely distorted character strings. Track & Trace, Anti-counterfeiting, Vials, Syringes, Ampoules Inspection, Multi-code reading