Cotmac’s on-site gas generator - Jalvaayu - generates oxygen and hydrogen gas from the process of electrolysis of water. Jalvaayu gas generator produces gas on demand that eliminates the need for storage and transportation of pressurized cylinders.

Jalvaayu is safe, environment friendly and economical. In the electrolysis process, a water molecule dissociates into hydrogen and oxygen gas upon application of electrical energy.

The Jalvaayu gas generator is designed to deliver a continuous stream of premixed mixture of hydrogen & oxygen gas for brazing, cutting, soldering & heating applications

How does Jalvaayu work?
  • In the electrolysis process, water molecule dissociates into hydrogen and oxygen gas in a volumetric ratio of 2 to 1 respectively, upon application of electrical energy
  • The patented Jalvaayu electrolysis cell requires 3.5 Kwh to produce 1 cubic meter of Oxy-hydro gas, a pre mixture of hydrogen and oxygen
  • Upon leaving the cell, the moisture in the pre mixture gas is removed within the drier system. A regulator at the dryer outlet provides control of the output pressure
  • Jalvaayu generator uses “Modifiers” consisting of various types of light paraffin to change the flame properties
  • The regulated oxy- hydrogen gas is bubbled through the Modifier tank where the flame characteristics can be changed from oxidising to reducing depending on the type of Modifier used
Commercial Benefits
  • Nearly 75% savings, depending on application
  • Payback period of roughly 18 months
  • Reduces oxygen consumption by 25-30% (in case of brazing, no extra oxygen required)
  • Reduces operational cost effectively by 50%- 75%, depending on the application
Environmental Benefits
  • Pollution free alternative (carbon-free flame and no black soot)
  • Substitute of LPG and Acetylene Gas
  • The density of Aqua Gas is 0.47 gm/ liters at atmospheric pressure with a temperature of 30º C. When get released into the atmosphere, it dissipates rapidly and hence it is very safe
  • Brazing
  • Heating
  • Profile Gas Cutting
  • Soldering
  • Flame Polishing
Technical Benefits
  • Gas output ratio: 67% hydrogen & 33% oxygen
  • Maximum output pressure: 3.0 bar
  • Maximum gas outflow: 4m3/hr
  • De-mineralized water required to run the machine
  • Modifier( petrol/hexane / acetone) required, depending upon the application
  • The density of Aqua Gas is 0.47 gm/ liters at atmospheric pressure
  • The System is provided with an energy efficient bi-polar electrolyzer that automatically cuts off current whenever desired preset pressure level is reached, making it economical to operate.
Operational Benefits
  • Reduces cost/time for post filling & cleaning
  • User-friendly & easy to operate
  • Additional oxygen not required for preheating
  • Noiseless, so need not be kept away from the site
  • No storage risk
  • Gas can be carried over up to 100 meters through pipeline with negligible drop in pressure
  • Jalvaayu can be connected to any hand brazing/cutting, CNC and Pug machine