Cotmac offers a wide range of services for electrical engineering services, including, Pro-Panel Engineering, Drafting & Conversion Services and Electrical Documentation.

We offer on-site or in-house services to a wide range of industries like automotive, pharma, food & beverages, marine, special purpose machines & machine tooling, material handling and packing. Cotmac has well trained and qualified resources with knowledge of various electrical standards like IEC, GOST, GB, NFPA, VASS-5, VASS-6 and GM.

Cotmac understands and recognizes diverse customer needs and strives to provide high-quality and reliable electrical engineering solutions that are in sync with customer’s unique requirements.

Our Electrical Engineering, Pro-panel Engineering activities include:

  • Electrical Schematic- Line Diagram, Control wiring, Power wiring, PLC wiring
  • Graphical Arrangement (GA) - 2D Layout and 3D layout
  • Electrical and Power calculation

Drafting Services comprise:

  • Drawing Conversion or Electrical Schematic migration and modification - Autocad to Eplan or vice versa and PDF to eplan or Autocad
  • Database standardization, Report standardization
  • Macro Standardization with Placeholder -Symbol Macro, Page Macro, and Window Macro
  • Standardization and creation of forms, templates and Object Libraries.

E-Plan Portfolio