Cotmac began working on Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) projects in 2013,and has grown to be one of the largest system integrators for solar power plants. Cotmac has successfully installed and commissioned more than 2 MW of solar power in the industrial sector with 1MW of projects in the pipeline. The company provides turnkey and customised solar PV solutions including design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Cotmac Solar has a wide network of over 20 service centres spread across the country, and customersin India and overseas for which it has won multiple accolades. Cotmac Solar’s association with Cotmac, the parent company’s 25 year-old history of innovation, integration and technology leadership sets it apart as a trusted partner. The company’stime tested approach provides outstanding customer experience, ensures costs are controlled, and hedges against escalating energy costs for the next 20 years and beyond. Why install rooftop solar plants? The solar rooftop market has grown at an impressive Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 92% over last 4 years to over 500MW. The government of India aims to install 40GW of rooftop solar by 2022. A cumulative CAGR of 108% is required in the next six years to achieve the 40GW target. Over the past five years, prices of solar panels have fallen by over 70%. With a mature technology adopted across the world and attractive prices, solar is challenging the status quo of conventional fossil fuels. Some of the advantages of solar power plants are :

  • Long life of 30 years
  • Payback on investments in 3-5 years
  • Durable
  • Saves drastically
  • Go green environmental benefits
  • Subsidies available for non-commercial customers

Advantages of systems from Cotmac Solar

  • One stop solution for solar PV power plants
  • End to end solution: support available from survey to installation to financing
  • Excellent technical knowledge in power domain
  • High quality equipment and material
  • Best in class technology:phase toleration, high efficiency, minimised losses,remote monitoring
  • Extensive project management and execution experience of turnkey project
  • Post commissioning support included with training and AMC
  • After sales service :20 offices across India
  • Infra structure and requisite logistics to handle international big projects
  • Experienced team:100 member team with experience of over 3 MW solar installations
  • Financially disciplined group
  • Knowledge of IT

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