Cotmac is a leader in providing process automation solutions to the sugar industry. We have worked with more than 50 customers in India and key players in Brazil which is the largest sugar producer.

Companies are fast adopting IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 for productivity gains to remain competitive in the global markets. However, ‘automation’ remains the foundation to drive this transformation.

Lack of automation and digitalization is one of the factors for the high cost of sugar production in India. In order to drive efficiency, sugar industry professionals expect production consistency, ease of operation and monitoring (with fewer employees), faster troubleshooting, and minimum downtime.

Industry 4.0 throws new opportunities for factory-wide digitalization to reduce manufacturing cost and improve product quality. A robust automation system provides a solid foundation for companies in the sugar industry to adopt newer technologies.

Cotmac maintains a dedicated team of experts with domain knowledge of various sugar industry processes and requirements like:

  • Cane Conveyor Automation
  • Crushing Mill Automation
  • Batch Pan Automation
  • Centrifugal Machine Automation
  • Co-Gen Plants
  • Ethanol Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant