Polyurethane Systems Automation

Customer : Polyurethane Systems Manufacturer

Segment   : Chemical & Pharma

  • The objective of this Project was to upgrade the existing Master PLC with the Latest CPU and SCADA Versions.
  • The Automation System of polyurethane system Production plant comprised One GE RX-3I CPE-310 controller and a GE Fanuc Cimplicity SCADA system for plant supervisory control and data acquisition. In addition to the SCADA system, there were multiple cimplicity workstations to monitor as well as control the different Equipments in the plant.
  • Development of As Built P&ID`S for Existing as well as new Plant Equipments.
  • Supply of Fully Wired Electrical Control Panel for HOT CASTE Area.
  • Development of Functional Design Specifications for Reactors.
  • EGD Interface with New HOT CASTE Area Control Panel.
  • Installation & Configuration of IGS OPC Server for third party device Communication.
  • Communication to third party devices like Weighing scale, Heat trace units on Modbus TCP/IP.
  • PLC Application Software for Reactors.
  • Upgradation of old GE 90-30 CPU with Latest RX-3I CPU.
  • Upgradation of SCADA Software & Development of New SCADA Screens for Reactors.
  • Configuration of IGS OPC Server & RTA Gateways for Communication.
  • Configuration of E-mail server in Cimplicity to send the Alerts to plant supervisors of critical Alarm conditions.
  • Historian Servers.
  • Site Acceptance Test.
  • Improving the manufacturing process – thus boosting both productivity and profitability.
  • With facility to capture data points for various parameters, greater levels of controls can be deployed.
  • Every block off the production line is specifications-perfect, consistent and repeatable.
  • Complete real-time monitoring, data collection and telemetry on the plant floor.