Automation Solutions for Pharma & Chemicals Industry

If pharma companies have to win the race against time, then automation is the only answer. New diseases require new medicines – just look at the tremendous challenges faced by the pharma industry while searching for new medicines and new vaccines for Covid-19. Now is the time to introduce faster and lean processes in all departments of the pharmaceutical companies.

Cotmac Electronics brings you automation solutions specific to the pharmaceutical industry – we will work with you to develop and implement ideal solutions specific to your requirements. Automation at every point of the value chain will enable the pharma companies to get pharmaceuticals from the lab to the patient more quickly.

Cotmac’s team of experts focuses on providing the best-in-class Pharma Automation Solutions – solutions to deliver the visibility that you need to efficiently and effectively control your plant’s processes.

Our domain expertise has been deployed in :

  1. Chemical plant and refinery product process
  2. Continuous and batch process automation
  3. Reactor Control
  4. Distillation and Separation
  5. Fermentation Plant
  6. Safety Shutdown Systems
  7. Standardization of Human Machine Interface Package
  8. Standardization of Alarm Reporting, Trending and Graphical Interface

To sum up – the benefits of automation in pharma companies are multiple. Some of them being:

  1. Reduce time-to market.
  2. Enhance quality.
  3. Improve efficiency.
  4. Full-scale control of your entire processes