Stone Wool Processing Plant Automation

Customer : Stone Wool Processing Plant

Segment   : Mineral Wool

  • The objective of this project is manufacturing of stone wool. A melting stone stream coming from the channel falls down on a set of motors running on high speed. The stone fiber obtained is sucked and gathered on forming conveyor. The mat thus obtained is transported by means of conveyor and product undergoes goes various treatments, depending upon product type. The product type is determined by selecting the recipe appropriate recipe from plant SCADA.
  • The different section of plant are: Fiberizer, Binder, Resin, Melting, Utility, Line Drive, Curving Oven and FNC
  • PLC logic development in PCS7
  • SCADA development
  • HMI WinCC Flexible
  • Reports
  • Recipe
  • Configuration of G120 Drive system on Profibus
  • Configuration of G-120 drive for high torque application
  • Exposure to stone wool production process
  • Innovative control technology includes process control systems, simulation, visualization and also other production management issues – thus ensuring fast reaction and reliability.
  • User friendly applications help create intelligent inspection systems and smart forward looking solutions.