Coal Handling Plant Automation

Title            : Coal Process Plant
Segment : Coal Handling

  • The entire operation is under the following heads –
    • Wagon Control System
    • Conveyor Control System
    • Fault Annunciation System
  • Expectation of customer was to have an integrated solution that would meet with their increasing production demands.
  • The system was designed using –
    • Ultrasonic level measurement devices.
    • Mass flowmeters to ensure accurate flow measurement.
    • Pressure sensors to control the axis of the cyclone and subsequent discharges.
  • Ability to detect exact position of faults through User Interface.
  • Facility to calibrate all operations of transducer and actuators prior to actual functioning.
  • Provides faster real-time decision making environment.
  • Very adaptable to any changes in safety requirements, quality and cost.