Climate change, sustainability and competition are driving players in the pulp, paper and printing industry to achieve higher efficiency and flexibility. However, optimization of multiple processes requires automation solutions that offer precise control and data transparency to create a digital enterprise.

Cotmac’s factory and process automation solutions provide a competitive edge to customers by plant-wide integration and lifecycle optimization. We have executed more than 50 installations, creating a digital platform for our customers to leverage emerging technologies like IoT, Cloud, Digital Twin, AI etc.

For customers in the pulp, paper and printing industry, Cotmac had a dedicated team of engineers to ensure faster troubleshooting and on-time project delivery. Our area of expertise covers:

  • Pulp Making
  • Refining
  • Bleaching
  • Automation for De-inking Plant
Paper & Printing
  • Paper Making
  • Paper Slitting
  • Paper Lamination
  • Cut-to-Length Application (CTL)
  • Automation of Multilayer Duplex Board Paper Line
  • Pocket Sheeter Machine
  • Paper Printing Line