Automation Solution for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water being the most valuable resource on this planet earth, we consider the water industry to be top priority for quality and efficiency.

To supply good quality water to any city there are probably 20 to 30 water treatment plants (WTPs). And logically, for handling and treating used and polluted water, there are an equal number of waste water treatment plants (WWTPs).

These WTPs and WWTPs are mostly operated and controlled from a single centralized Monitoring and Control Station. For this station to function with the highest efficiency and speed all inputs from the different plants are received, so that immediate corrective responses can be taken in cases of any changes or variations from the normal.

To enable this kind of functioning, high technology automation solutions are essential for all water treatment plants.

With almost 3 decades of domain expertise, Cotmac Electronics brings to the market, the best and finest automation solutions needed by these water treatment and waste water treatment plants. Our process control solutions optimise control for water treatment and distribution systems. Our engineers are well equipped to design and implement automation solutions for water and waste water industry, so that operators can optimize energy efficiency, avoid water loss, reduce contamination of water bodies and take predictive maintenance measures.

Cotmac Electronics has been very prolific with its Automation solutions for Water Industry. We have successfully conducted installation of control systems for various WTP and WWTP plants in different parts of the world, in alliance with overseas partners. We can boast of a highly skilled engineering team and rich domain knowledge, which are the key factors for delivering the Automation solutions for Water Industry.

Cotmac Electronics has been very instrumental in providing solutions on upgrade of LC3000 / LC 2000 legacy control systems.

Plant areas and technologies that Cotmac worked for are :

  1. Water Distribution Systems (RTUs)
  2. Headworks for WTP & WWTP
  3. Clarifiers / Vertical Loop Reactors
  4. Oxidation Ditch
  5. RAS/WAS Flow Control
  6. Sludge Handling Systems
  7. Filters

8. RO Systems