Automation Solution for Textile Industry

At one time the textile industry used only hand-operated and common technology. However, to survive in the global competition one has to constantly be acquainted with new equipment and technology.

And hence, due to the universality of textiles, and the ever-growing demand for high-quality garments, the textile industry gradually started looking for the latest and modern automation solutions.

Textile industry realised that by implementing these automation solutions, it was possible to increase their production in no time. High levels of analysis and reporting would enable the workload on people in the different sections of the factory to be reduced, so that they could be more proactive, and  take faster decisions. Coordinating the different machines through automatic controls would speed up production.

And so began the story of introducing automation solutions in the textile industry. Automation can be introduced in various sectors of the processes, like ginning, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and so on.

Our team of experts in Cotmac Electronics are among India’s leading specialists in drive and automation technology. Our engineers have successfully executed several projects and helped customers achieve lower power consumption, higher speeds and precision controls, ensuring higher quality of their products. Our team of functional experts in the textile field can also help you implement best practices in the production process.