Automation Solution for Automotive Industry

In the last few decades, the automotive industry has been adopting more and more advanced automation solutions, where connected machines and human operators can collaborate in the best possible manner.

But today, automation differs quite a lot from what it looked like thirty years back. The new automation solutions in the automotive industry connect not only physical systems inside the plant, but remote entities also. And this enables the manufacturers to get more data from the automation – thus ensuring more control over the entire system.

In short, automation solutions in the automotive scenario have become more interactive – operators and the machine tools they run are interacting in more sophisticated ways. Every manufacturer in the automotive industry wants to improve worker skills, with the aim to reduce production time, and thereby increase productivity as well as the quality of the product.

Cotmac Electronics has a full-fledged and huge team of experts whose expertise in automation technology and also functional knowledge has helped create many success stories in the automotive sector. Read our Case Studies to know more.

Cotmac Electronics has a long history of serving the Automation Solution for Automotive Industry. We have engineered many applications for major automotive manufacturers and their ancillaries.

Our Application Experience includes

  • Engine Test Bench
  • Body In White Automation
  • Trim Chassis Final Automation
  • Paint Shop Automation
  • Engine Shop Automation
  • Foundry Automation
  • Monorail Systems
  • Furnaces & Foundries
  • Powertrain Systems
  • Test rigs for Gearbox Systems
  • Auto Component Manufacturing Lines/Machines.