Steel Plant Automation - Gas Mixing Station

In the industrial scenario today steel manufacturing plants produce more than just steel. They produce usable fuel gas for their processes. Here information about the exact composition of combustible components is critical for process control. Automation in steel industry will ensure the most economic and efficient system, thus leading to exponential growth in this sector.

We add value to your processes by offering the latest software capable of analyzing values, to ensure that you get high quality fuel gas. We have successfully completed projects related to handling of various hazardous and poisonous gases, which include Blast Furnace Gas, Coke Oven Gas etc.

Customer  : Steel Plant, India
Segment    : Gas Mixing Station

  • Gas mixing plant automation in steel line.
  • All Solenoid valves have to be integrated in the system.
  • Ratio parameter logic- for mixing ratio parameters.
  • Gas mixing logic- proper proportion of mix gas.
  • Development of Screens.
    • Simatic Manager 5.5 , WinCC SCADA V7.2 (CPU 400H System).
    • I/O counts: 200 Plus.

Customized block and faceplate tailored to the requirements of customer.

  • Communication Between Engineering Station(ES) and Operating Station(OS) Through Ethernet.
  • Data of all parameters is logged with limits.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost and time since all critical alarms are taken care of.
  • Reduction in manpower and operation cost due to centralized operation.
  • Easy commissioning and diagnostic functions.