Marine Automation

Shipowners today are looking for greater efficiency and cost savings for Crude Oil Extraction from Sea Oceans. One answer to this, is automation. So, automation is becoming an important part of this transition from the traditional to modern.

This industry is fast gearing up for higher level of integration in the processes used to withdraw crude oil from the ocean. This is done with help of large scale pumps that are equipped with high-end features to collect data for measuring parameters. This information is made available online at the shore-based offices.

Cotmac Electronics offers state-of-the-art Autoation solutions and products from Siemens for the maritime industry of tomorrow. We help you to optimize the complex operating processes of Submersible Pumps. Our standardized concepts for automation and operation of your technical processes, will help eliminate potential fault sources.

Our Automation solution for Marine & submarine assist you to get the required details Pumps & oil extracted , by providing operating data from all relevant onboard systems and equipment on a common data platform.

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