Seafood Process Automation

Customer : Seafood Processing Plant
Segment   : Marine Automation

    • To regulate the environmental conditions(temperature) to keep the seafood fresh and ready to export .
    • To regulate and maintain 3 sets of temperature in different areas :
    1.  -40 degree celcius
    2.  -43 degree celcius
    3.  -3 degree celcius
  • Set points were designed to  modify temperature settings for both Auto / Manual operations.
  • Relevant compressors, LC receivers, chill rooms etc to be activated to reach set points.
  • Dedicated SCADA screens and PLC logic were built to handle all areas of unit.
  • User friendly screens were designed for easy handling by operators.
  • Perfect control on inline chilling led to improved processing.
  • Higher quality, longer storage tolerance, and higher product value.