Rice Mill Automation

Customer: End Users
Segment  : Food and Beverage

  • Plant is equipped with Japanese machinery that includes conveyors, elevators and storage tanks.
    Control system to be built for entire plant.
  • To be monitored on Siemens HMI, with facility to change timings of sequence in the process
  • All required interlocks were provided for human and machine safety.
  • All run and trip feedback was presented in HMI, with corresponding alarm generation feature.
  • The entire process was divided so that specific individual parts can be run as per need of the hour.
  • Sequence was controlled based
    on sensor status.
  • Communication was established
    on Profibus.
  • Establishes a new industry standard for efficiency at high feed rates.
  • Improve quality & manufacturing feasibility.
    Plant can be run in bypass mode during maintenance.
  • Plant sequence is optimized to save electricity.
    Decreased breakage, greater efficiency.
  • Flow rates can be adjusted dynamically.