Vegetable Oil Plant Automation

Customer : OEM / End-user
Segment   : EDIBLE OIL / VOT

  • Good quality product in a high productivity setting.
  • An interactive illustration of the process for operator information and process/unit control.
  • Software structure of modular construction.
    S88 functional design concept.
  • S7-300 / S7-400 / PCS7 Based architecture, VFD’s.(Profibus / Profinet Communication.)
  • Networking topologies used – Bus, Ring, etc.
  • Provided equipment status and monitoring functionality.
  • S88 Modelling and Programming for sequential process / Unit / EM control.
  • Process Analysis and reports with Globasys Solution.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Due to modular nature of software, easy to maintain & troubleshoot the problem.
  • Improved quality & manufacturing feasibility.
    Easy to operate diagnostic functions.
  • Reduction in time and cost for bug fixes and maintenance.