Dairy Plant Automation

Customer : Milk Powder Plant, India
Segment : Dairy Process


In the past few decades dairy plant processes have moved extensively from manual operations the mechanized processes. Worldwide growing demand for dairy products has all dairy plants working towards increasing production capacity and minimizing production errors. Automation of dairy plants is the only solution. Introduction of the latest process control systems has led to more flexibility and higher potential.

In this case the dairy plant automation project was for the specific process area of milk powder plant. Microbiological safety had to be ensured at every stage of the process, and also no equipment could be kept idle – this meant that evaporator start-up and shut-down had to happen with minimal delays. Increasing the efficiency of CIP cycles would help to reduce any bottlenecks. The spray drying systems had to produce consistent accurate results in terms of particle size and powder density in every batch that came out.


Following Sections had to be automated

  • Milk Reception and Storage
  • Calendria
  • Evaporator
  • MSD Spray Dryer
  • CIP
  • Utilities

100 TPD Milk Powder Plant Automation using PCS7 6.1

  • Configuration of Profibus DP,PA ,ASI Devices
  • Simocode DP With PDM
  • APC configuration with Honeywell’s APC……
  • No Of I/O Count Upto 1200
  • Standardized milk production
  • Improved quality of milk
  • Longer shelf life
  • Reduced losses due to perishability of milk