Brewery Plant Automation

Title            : Brewery Plant Automation
Segment : Food & Beverage

  • Automation of Batch Process.
  • To improve brew length and Maximum brew per day.
  • Minimal Manual interventions.
  • Batch Planning and Recipe Management.

Engineering , Development and Commissioning of Brewery plant with S7-400 / S7-1500 / PCS7.

  • Control System Based on S7-400 / S7-1500 / PCS7.
  • VFD on Profibus / Profinet Network.
    S88 based Documentation and Application Software.
  • Recipe Management Software and Batch Planning Software.
  • Globasys for Brew report Generation for Batch Analysis. Event logging & change control for batch analysis / Record.
  • Due to modular nature of software, easy to maintain & troubleshoot the problem.
  • Improved productivity due to minimum manual intervention.
  • Recorded analysis of each brew in Globasys for Quality Management.
  • Operator friendly and easy to diagnose process operation.