Given the impact of environmental regulations, the energy industry is one of the key drivers of future technologies like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

COTMAC offers a complete range of automation applications for the energy industry with in-depth experience of deploying Siemens PLC / DCS based automation solutions for a large number of customers.

Some of the key challenges for energy professionals include consistency in production, ease of operation and monitoring (with fewer people) and faster troubleshooting time, especially in the backdrop of aging assets.

Our team of domain experts help customers to manage all the stages of the project – designing system architecture, optimizing system efficiency, increasing reliability and uptime, simplifying serviceability, reducing or eliminating manual operation and intervention, and complying with regulatory reporting requirements.

Cotmac has executed a number of projects for large and mid-sized companies. Our expertise includes:

  • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Coal Based Fire Boilers
  • Biomass fired Boilers
  • Heaters & Burners
  • Burner Management System
  • Co-Gen Plants upto 50 MW
  • Execution experience of Boiler Capacity upto 200 TPH

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