Cotmac provides system integration solutions that help organisations with their factory, building and process automation needs. The company works onsite, onshore, nearshore and offshore to meet the customer’s cost, quality and delivery goals with minimal risks.
Automation for Automobile Industry | Automation Solution Provider | Cotmac Electronics
With automation pervading the automotive industry, the most complex manufacturing tasks are handled with the highest precision ever, thus increasing industrial productivity.
Industrial Automation for Cement Industry by Automation Solution Provider Cotmac Electronics
Cement, Metals and Mining
In the multi-layered subsystems and complex processes of the cement industry, Cotmac brings in technical expertise to help design economic and energy efficient processes.
Pharma automation | Industrial Automation | Cotmac Electronics
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
In the Pharmaceutical Industry, a product’s time-to-market has to be extremely short, the production highly efficient, and the product quality impeccable.
Power plant automation industry | Automation Soltion Provider | Cotmac Electronics
COTMAC offers you the complete range of automation applications in the simplest to the harshest environments,providing you with secure and reliable system solutions.
Food and Beverages Automation Solution by Cotmac Electronics
Food and Beverage
Cotmac plays a pivotal role in helping you to get a better perspective of your processes and grow your business. We offer solutions for Food and Beverage Industry.
HVAC Building Automation | Cotmac Electronics | energy management systems
HVAC Building Automation
Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems have become the required industry standard for construction of new buildings. For large buildings with complicated airflow,
Automated Materials Handling | (AMH) | Cotmac Electronics
Material Handling
We help you to optimize your transport of different types of products. We offer electrical and automation equipment for controlling the motions of container cranes.
Industrial automation in Oil and Gases segment | Cotmac Electronics
Oil and Gas
India has witnessed a steady increase in production as well as consumption of petroleum products over the years. Initiatives to digitize oil fields are being implemented.
Automation of Multilayer Duplex Board Paper Line | Cotmac Electronics
Paper and Printing
Industry leaders striving for operational excellence will benefit from enabling plant automation. We provide world class solutions in Automation for Paper and Printing Industry.
Textiles such as cloth, yarn, cotton, and other fabrics have been made easier to produce thanks to automation and process control in textile industry.
Automation for Utility Industry | Factory automation | Cotmac Electronics
Automation has arrived – and it’s impact on all aspects of a Utility’s operationis quickly gathering pace. As the reach of digitization and new technologies expand exponentially.
Process automation in waste water treatment plants | Cotmac Electronics
Water and Waste Water Treatment
Cotmac has been very prolific with its Automation solutions for Water Industry. We have successfully conducted installation of control systems.
Automation Solution Provider | Cotmac Electronics | Industrial Automation
Many people think of automation on a large scale, in environments such as the big three (Ford, Chrysler and GM). But automation can be added to smaller operations.
Marine Automation
Cotmac Electronics offers state-of-the-art solutions and products from Siemens for the maritime industry of tomorrow.

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