Science & Technology Center Inaugurated on 15th February 2015

COTMAC ELECTRONICS collaborated with Jnana Prabhodini to set up a Science and Technology Center at Ambejogai and Aurangabad.

Cotmac’s objective here is to give rural students hands on experience of the skill sets necessary for plumbing, agriculture, construction, etc. and to equip them with skills that will help them earn their livelihoods without the need to migrate to semi-urban and urban areas.

Simultaneously the center aims to create social entrepreneurs and technological leaders who can use technology in profitable ventures and set up businesses which will be sustainable as well as useful to society.

We envisage that this symbiotic relationship will lead to overall development of the Marathwada region.

As a part of our CSR activities, COTMAC ELECTRONICS donated laptops and organized a library for the children of Pune Police families.