Build Your Own Killa

The period before and after Diwali is the time kids of all ages in the Maharashtra and Karnataka region spend hours together in building these forts in their homes or in any open space available – in mud! The common materials used include Mud, Cement, Plastic paper, hay, black clay tiles, paints, discarded gunny bags, cardboard, and stones. This forms the basic structure.

The art of building mud forts owes it roots to Shivaji’s mastery in the area of fortification. The forts designed by Shivaji were not only legendary architectural masterpieces but they were also indomitable, offering safety and refuge to his kingdom. India, and especially the Deccan Plateau, has a fair share of majestic forts, those built by Shivaji being more popular. Shivaji’s regime saw the annexing or construction of myriad forts, from Salher- near Nashik to Gingee in Tamilnadu. They also appeal more to the common man who is astounded at the simple but intelligent designs that merge with the surrounding topography and the strength of the fortifications that they offer.

Now all this may seem a trivial playful pursuit, but it isn’t in the true sense. It is a worthwhile mission that provides key life lessons : History. Team Work. Engineering. Eye for detail. Safety measures.

So here are our teams of enthusiastic players who brought in the Maharashtrian flavour to our Diwali celebrations.