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Author: Mr. Girish Todkary.
Designation: Senior Manager- Marketing.
Department: Cotmac Electronics,Pune.

Type Tested Assemblies(TTAs)

A low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly/control panel conforming to an established type or system without any deviations likely to significantly influence the performance, from the typical assembly verified to be in accordance with this standard.

When type tested assemblies are being used it is necessary to check that they are constructed in accordance with the specified type test and that any deviations from the type tested construction do not have a significant influence in the performance as verified by the type test.

Deviations from the type test, which could affect the performance, are:

> Structural changes which will affect the mechanical strength of the assembly.

> Incorrect sizing of busbar or cross section area which will affect the temperature-rise limits.

> Busbar supports spacing, changes in the type or quantity of busbar supports, and the busbar support structure, which will affect the short circuit withstand strength.

> Reduction in compartment size may result in overheating of components and wiring may

cause component breakdown or insulation failure and possible short circuit faults.


A low voltage switchgear and control gear assembly, containing both type-tested and non type tested arrangements, provided that the latter are derived from type-tested arrangements which have complied with the relevant tests.

The type-tested arrangements should cover as a minimum the mechanical assembly, the main and distributor busbar systems complete with all busbar supports.

The standard allows for use of the other parts in the assembly that are not part of the type test for the assembly for example, components and compartment layouts provided they themselves have been derived from type tested arrangements.

Cotmac Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Siemens authorized system house & also Licensed Partner for manufacture & assembly of SIEPAN 8PU Low voltage switchgear panels (TTA panels).

Cotmac offers Siemens SIEPAN 8PU Type tested panels.

Some of the advantages & features of SIEPAN 8PU are listed below:

  • Siemens innovation & technology
  • Maximum reliability in protection of your plant and equipment
  • Maximum safety for operating personnel
  • Suited for the most arduous site conditions
  • Compact and space saving


  • Conformance to Type Tested assemblies (TTA)
  • Conformance to Seismic withstand up to Zone V
  • Conformance to Internal Arc Containment (IAC)
  • Fully compartmentalized, bolted & modular design for PCC & MCC

All variants available with a choice of aluminium and copper for bus-bars.

Degree of ingress protection up to IP 54 for all ratings.

With wide service network spread throughout India & abroad, Cotmac is a preferred choice for a complete & one stop solution in automation & Type tested panels.

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