rtu based water treatment automation

Author: Mr. Ganesh Kulkarni.

Designation: Manager – Global Services.

Being innovative in system integration business while catering solutions for end customers has always provided the next bunch of opportunities to Cotmac.

One of the overseas customers from Water domain approached Cotmac for a solution to their problem of repetitive failure of connection between remote PLCs (RTUs) and SCADA system. About 42 RTUs were very remotely located and directly connected to SCADA system over Radios network. Each RTU was a pumping station with dedicated Siemens PLC for control. Monitoring as well as control of all RTUs was performed through WinCC SCADA system located remotely in control room. Failure of this connectivity between SCADA and RTUs, leads to loss of control over RTUs. Each RTU then needs to be controlled locally by driving around 6-8 km distance by an operator. The overall pumping load distribution in such local/manual mode was not effective. Loss of connection was leading to ineffective distribution of Pumping, loss of Operation time for operator and overall loss of productivity for plant.

Cotmac performed a detailed study of the entire plant control system to understand the problem. All RTUs were connected to OPC Server on Radios. OPC was used to poll the RTUs sequentially over radios. OPC then was used to transfer the data to WinCC SCADA for monitor, control and storage for further processing. Cotmac analyzed that the frequent software crashes of OPC server and driver conflicts of OPC with WinCC SCADA were the primary reasons of this connectivity failure. Cotmac came up with more robust solution to replace the OPC server used for polling RTUs and have reliable connectivity with WinCC SCADA system. It took us around 3 weeks to install and implement the new Cotmac Solution.

With new system in place the overall system response was excellent! End customer was benefited with continuous availability of RTUs, which resulted in highly effective distribution of Pumping stations for load and increasing overall productivity of the plant.

Being Innovative solution provider @ System integration is the Key !

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