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Today the pharmaceutical industry faces several challenges – namely:

  • To lower drug prices
  • To improve drug quality
  • To expedite time to market

And this is where Big Data and IoT will play a big role. Drug manufacturers need to come up quickly with ways to reduce time taken to reach from clinical trials to approvals to actual production. Innovative approaches to manufacturing will be the key to success. IoT in the pharmaceutical industry might consist of a network of sensors on the shop floor. Production supervision, remote diagnostics, drug flow management would be some of the cases driven by this new technology.

Companies might even go one step further of using social media apps to capture patient demographics, to find patients for clinical trials, for getting feedback from patients, and so on. In short they might come up with their own class of CRM systems.

Cotmac Electronics offers pharma automation solutions that are tailor made to suit each company’s processes and requirements. Our portfolio of solutions includes:

  • User Archives For Batch Processing
  • Simatic Logon, Electronic Signature
  • Client/Server Model With Server Redundancy
  • Configuration of HART Devices
  • Configuration of ISP Modules

Sections automated are:

  • Reactors
  • Distillation Column
  • LLE (Liquid Liquid Extractor)
  • RFE/FFE (Resin/Fractional Film Evaporators)

Benefits to our customers include:

  • Up-to-date system documentation
  • Total integration of all processes in plant engineering and operations
  • Increased work efficiency and reduced planning time
  • Reduction of engineering costs because of simplified processes
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