Diagramatic Representation of morden Intellegent MCC

Intelligent MCCs – Improving Efficiency

Author : Mr.Girish Todkary. Designation: Senior Manager- Marketing. From the Field Level to the Management Level It is astonishing to see how technology is offering nail-biting state-of-the art solutions to the electrical panel industry today. Latest in the series are the Intelligent MCCs aka IMCC. Traditionally MCCs housed start-up and drive units. But today’s units […]

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number 1 for siemens system house in India

Siemens System House in India

Author : Mrs. Suman Sirur. Designation : Director. Cotmac Electronics is one of the first System House of Siemens in India and is the only System House to have completed 25 years plus till date.number 1 for siemens system house in India- Cotmac To become a certified Siemens System House, Cotmac Electronics had to prove […]

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Control System for Water Treatment Plant

Author: Mr. Ganesh Kulkarni Designation: Manager – Global Services Water treatment is the process of treating water to make it useful for defined purpose. The purpose can be drinking, household purpose, Medical purpose and Industry. Every Industry has specific norms and local codes which need to be strictly followed during treatment of the Water. Raw […]

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s5-s7 migration

S5 to S7 Migration

At Cotmac, we take special pride in being efficient always – be it customer service or relationships. It has been an uphill task to create our base of loyal customers over the last 25 years. And to do this, we realise that providing good and prompt service is a basic requirement. Treat customers the way […]

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IO Link

IO link is a new sensor interface protocol, especially suited for smart sensors as well as existing sensors. It simply means one tool for all sensors with one single interface. It integrates with most of the well known field bus interfaces like Profinet, Ethernet etc . IO link technology enhances the use of smart sensors […]

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Time Unlimited

Author: Mr.Giridhar Rallabandi. Designation: Director – Cotmac Electronics Inc. “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” — H. Jackson Brown Many of us live our lives thinking […]

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rtu based water treatment automation

RTU Based Water Treatment Automation

Author: Mr. Ganesh Kulkarni. Designation: Manager – Global Services. Being innovative in system integration business while catering solutions for end customers has always provided the next bunch of opportunities to Cotmac. One of the overseas customers from Water domain approached Cotmac for a solution to their problem of repetitive failure of connection between remote PLCs […]

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Capacity Planning in Distributed Power Generation

Author : Mr. Rajendra Mahanjan. Designation : Head – Smart Grid Business Rooftop Solar System In a rooftop photovoltaic or rooftop PV system electricity is generated by solar panels mounted on any rooftop structure of a residential, commercial, industrial or a government building. Rooftop systems are generally smaller in size as compared to ground-mounted photovoltaic […]

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Chairman's message

Chairman’s Message

Hello, In today’s world manufacturers have to be extremely efficient along with consistent, good quality, on-time delivery and be able to handle fluctuating demands. All this is possible if manufacturers automate their processes. Major end-users of automation technology will be power, oil and gas, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and the auto sector. Packaging, electronics and […]

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