Diagramatic Representation of morden Intellegent MCC

Author : Mr.Girish Todkary.

Designation: Senior Manager- Marketing.

From the Field Level to the Management Level

It is astonishing to see how technology is offering nail-biting state-of-the art solutions to the electrical panel industry today. Latest in the series are the Intelligent MCCs aka IMCC.

Traditionally MCCs housed start-up and drive units. But today’s units go far beyond these basic functions. Modern Intelligent centers have now replaced conventional protection devices like overload relays by programmable controllers and metering equipment for complex control schemes and safety features.

The need for Intelligent solutions was felt often by end users (clients of OEMs), to prevent faults in automated processes and costly plant downtimes. Our clients’ requirements were to eliminate huge control wiring that spans throughout the plant for control of the MCC Panel. They found trouble shooting to be a tedious job.


Advantages of deploying INTELLEGENT MCCs are:

  • Eliminates external control cabling and therefore associated checking during commissioning. Just one single Communication cable connecting to one single Control Panel for the whole system is created.
  • Extensive protection, monitoring, safety and control functions between the motor starter and the automation system in just one compact system.
  • Functions independently of the controller.
  • Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations.
  • Detailed operating, service, and diagnostic data for increased transparency throughout your plant.
  • Connection to process control systems using the most important communication protocols: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus RTU and OPC UA.
  • Simple configuration and fast commissioning.

Intelligent MCCs offer an intelligent way of MCC control – sitting right in the control room, controlling and monitoring each and every parameter of each and every motor, on screen. COTMAC has executed several such projects in India & overseas with these OEMs and also end-users.

COTMAC offers the best industry solution in the form of Intelligent MCCs. Our reputation and past record of giving optimized custom solutions, programming skills, quality and round the clock customer support, has gained us the place of preferred vendor for application and deployment of Intelligent MCCs.

IMCC Panel
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