Automation at Cotmac Electronics aids in speedy customer services



In the past decade technological developments such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have transformed industry functions in all sectors of manufacturing as well as process.

Latest technological innovations have even taken over some of the high level human activities like cognition. Benefits cited most often, with this technology revolution are, cost reduction, increased productivity, availability and reliability of information, and high improvements in performance.

Every business faces pressure to increase profitability. Automation is a smart way to approach cost containment and reduction. The greatest opportunity is to increase service to the Customer. High availability of our services is one of our primary goals.

Whenever automated operations fail, rapid repair services are required to minimize machine downtime. To reduce costs, instead of replacement often times, maintenance will do the job of putting back the machine to work. Our engineers are able to quickly troubleshoot, diagnose and give tested product after rectification. We have expertise in maintenance of AC, DC, Servo Drives, Motors, CNC, HMI, Industrial PCs, Power Supplies, S5 and S7 Series PLC.

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