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The age-old method of crafting beer must now be found only in museums. Presuming they must have used copper cauldrons, wooden barrels or vats and such like – the brew must have varied day to day with the vagaries of the humans who brewed them, and the variation in the quality of ingredients.

With urbanization and advances in technology, in the field of brewery automation, high-tech plants have arrived – with the assurance of consistent high standards of quality. Today most areas such as brew house, fermentation cellar, filtration, filling plant and energy generation can be simultaneously managed. All controls can be managed through easy-to-read-and-operate graphic interfaces. Faults can be quickly located and rectified.

Digitalization provides effective support for brewers in the form of sensors to monitor temperature and boiler pressure measurement and actuators to control valves used across the entire brewing process. The quality of a brew is guaranteed by the precise control of the brewing process. Automation isn’t just about the quantity that can be produced, but also the high quality that can be achieved and maintained.

Cotmac Electronics plays a pivotal role as the Automation Solution Provider in any area of Brewery Automation.

We have handled a wide variety of challenging requirements that include:

  • Upgrading manually operated plants to full or partial automation.
  • Automation of malt handling, brew house, and brew house Clean in Place (CIP) sections.
  • Batch planning and recipe management.
  • Increasing brew length while maximizing brew per day.
  • Minimizing manual interventions.

Implementations have covered:

  • Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) (with PCS7 V 7.0, ET 200S stations and Danffos drives on Profibus DP).
  • Control Systems Based on S7-400 / S7-1500 / PCS7.
  • VFD on Profibus / Profinet Network
  • Recipe Management Software and Batch Planning Software
  • Customized block and faceplatetailored to the requirements of customer.
  • Event logging & change controlfor batch analysis / Record.
  • Upgradation in minimum shutdown time.

Simple Easy to read UIs

We offer users operator-friendly and easy-to-diagnose process operation reports, which contain detailed analyses of each brew. And benefits to customer are manifold, such as – improved productivity, consolidated reporting systems for analysis, optimum control of critical process parameters, better utilization of man-power and operations.

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