Any business enterprise will jump to pick a solution that has been tailor made specifically to meet it’s requirements. Generic solutions are available aplenty in the market. But who will want to settle for this one, when we can give you solutions that meet your industry’s specific needs.

Cotmac Electronics has been the first software partner in India for EPLAN for over two decades. Our added advantage of being an automation solutions provider, gives us an edge over others in providing customers the ability to optimise their production with the use of world class software for engineering design. We also offer training in use of EPLAN softwares

We’re the right partner for you in so many industry verticals –


Automotive – Intelligent functions in automobiles are rapidly increasing, what with smart phone integration, automatic braking and steering systems etc. We help you map the numerous complex equipment options within the framework of a flexible standardization process.



Food and Beverage – Apart from increasing automation, the challenges of complying with regulations on hygiene, safety and traceability, demand the deployment of seamless documentation processes in the system. Our EPLAN software helps you achieve process consistency across the entire value creation chain.  



Machine Tool Engineering – Today customers are demanding more and more innovative and flexible machine tools. Other challenges faced by this sector are, meeting with international statutory requirements, lack of skilled labour and increasing complexity in the form of higher precision machines. We help you optimise your design and engineering.


Oil and Gas – Procedures in this segment require large complex configurations of equipment that create complicated processes and large amounts of data. To control and monitor these procedures, there is a high demand for efficient engineering tools. Our EPLAN software provides innovative and practical workflow optimization solutions.



Panel Building – Because of price pressures and tight deadlines, the necessity to uniformly improve the process quality becomes imperative. We help you restructure data workflows in product development, and all aspects of electrical engineering design.



Power Engineering – The energy sector mostly faces the challenge of optimizing load distribution, along with watching out for climate protection targets, and of course increasing energy efficiency. Optimizing your process chain right from planning and configuration through maintenance and servicing your plants can be achieved by using our high-performance engineering systems.



Railway Systems – Reducing development time would be an answer to the challenges of most rail vehicle manufacturers. Standardization of processes, with the use of EPLAN engineering design software will minimize maintenance as well as implementation times – giving you increased quality with minimal effort.


Steel and Metal – The market demands novel and high-quality steels, for which the manufacturer has to concentrate on reducing downtimes to minimum, and maintain standards. Blast furnaces, casting plants and rolling mills are all extremely complex processes that call for standardization and automation. We can empower you with effective, complete documentation of the entire plant.


Water and Waste Water Treatment – Using high-tech solutions has become inevitable in the water and waste water treatment industry. Controls monitoring has become critical to keep systems downtimes to a minimum. Modernization of existing infrastructure means a change from electrical to fluid power engineering. Our team of COTMAC  and EPLAN will support you in your mission of increasing productivity.


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