Name: Ms. Vandana Tupe.

Designation :  General Manager Marketing.



In industrial applications we have an automated approach to start/stop motors. The programs for this are put in DCS (Distributed Control Systems) or PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). A conventional MCC is a MCC with individual devices per function. Conventional MCCs are connected to process controllers by means of multi-core cables. This allows the exchange of control and status information and some measurement information.

Conventional MCC setup

Any requirement to exchange more data between the process controller and MCC leads to an increased  amount of cabling being installed together with associated interface panels.

By replacing these multi core cables with communication cables costs could be saved on cabling costs.

Reducing the number of pieces of equipment per motor starter leads to integration of measurement and protection using the power of a micro-processor….

 In this way the Intelligent MCC was born.

Advantages of Intelligent Motor Control Centers

  • Reduce Engineering time as starters are more standardized over a wide range.
  • Reduce on Site wiring time-Direct connectivity field buses.
  • Reduce set-up time because of download of parameters from Engineering stations.
  • Detailed diagnostics & statistics.
  • Faster error fixing & Bug tracking
  • Electronic/Numeric relays provide high level protection
  • Alarms Often give time to fix the problem before it trips
  • Trip conditions are detailed to help level protections
  • Statistics  Can be used for continuous improvement
  • Easy modification/upgrade to address evolution of the process.

Intelligent MCCs offer lower installation costs when a reasonable of MCC information has to be communicated with the Process Control system. Intelligent MCCs offer a high degree of flexibility with regard to information available to be communicated now or in the future. If certain functionality is not needed today but needs to be added in the future most intelligent MCCs can handle this without major changes.


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