Dairy Process Automation


The benefits of automation on the dairy farm can be seen in improved profitability, animal health, life style and milk quality. Automation saves time, but it can also provide information that will enable dairy farmers to be proactive rather than reactive, especially in terms of nutrition, reproduction and animal health.

The Indian dairy industry needs to rapidly expand to meet the demands of the world’s largest market, which continues to grow. According to statistics (2016-17) from Government of India Ministry of Agriculture, Indian dairy plants already produce 165 million tons of milk per year. And across countries in the world, we produce 806.70 million tons per year. To cater to this huge demand from consumers, dairy farms throughout India are moving from traditional manual plants to plants using automation technology to increase speed, efficiency, and the quantity of milk produced.

In COTMAC we help our customers bridge the gap between demand and supply, by implementing state-of-the-art dairy automation systems based on Simatic PCS7. Sections automated in milk powder plants include:

  • Milk Reception and Storage
  • Calendria
  • Evaporator
  • MSD Spray Dryer
  • CIP
  • Utilities

Our engineers study the existing system and recommend a suitable automation solution that fits the customer’s requirement, thus ensuring smooth and successful implementation. We also conduct technology workshops for the end users on completion of the project.
Sections automated are:

Automated systems for monitoring and control, provide our customers with long-term cost savings along with other benefits like:

  • Dairy-specific tool sets that help achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Minimal manual interventions for increased productivity.
  • High level of plant availability and reliability.

To meet all general and customer requirements, digitalization is providing the dairy industry with new ways to optimize the entire value chain. So, we’re on the way to Dairy Industry 4.0 !!

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