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In today’s world manufacturers have to be extremely efficient along with consistent, good quality, on-time delivery and be able to handle fluctuating demands. All this is possible if manufacturers automate their processes.

Major end-users of automation technology will be power, oil and gas, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and the auto sector. Packaging, electronics and textiles will also generate good business.

Our company is there in all of the above sectors as solution providers. Instrumentation has been added, and we see a good growth in instrumentation, as it is closely linked to automation.

Our Erection and Commissioning Division is growing steadily.

We hope to have a compounded growth of 15% every year through our own growth, and merger and acquisitions, in the next 5 years.

We plan to expand our presence in the Northern states of India, as well as through exports of our products and services.

Our expansion plans are supported by an excellent Training Division so that our best assets, our people, are always honing their skills.

The company encourages innovation, and we have patents on some of our products.

Jalvaayu, which produces mixed oxygen and hydrogen gas, has been developed in-house; and various end-uses have been developed eg. cutting and brazing of metals. Jewellers have found our innovation very useful.

Globasys has been doing well in the process industry.

Cotmagic, in the textile industry, has been well accepted in the manufacture of fancy yarn.

More innovations are in the pipeline.

Our company is on SAP and backed by good financial discipline. We have been rated by CRISIL in their NSIC CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating with an SE 1 A which indicates the highest performance capability and high financial strength.

We perform ISO audits every year for all our departments, and we have good systems in place.

We believe in shared leadership and empowerment, and this is followed in all departments in our company.

We have a good team in place and our company has a bright future.

Given that we have all the ingredients in place, we have planned to use our expertise to increase our presence in the global marketplace. This should enable us to take our business to the next level.

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