Cement producers today are looking to automation solution providers to play the role of enablers to productivity. Modernizing and implementing automation solutions is today’s mantra for success. Apart from benefits like increase in production and improvement in product quality, this industry is seeing the potential of opening significant opportunities for growth through automation.

People have recognised the ability to make quicker and smarter decisions about plant maintenance, and thereby improve on up-time of cement kilns, Silo, Packing, Clinker and grinding mills.

COTMAC ELECTRONICS offers automation solutions to OEMs for both new and Retrofit cement plants. We implement excellent process automation systems using CEMAT library, Redundant Server Based as well as SIMOCODE based systems from Siemens PCS7 – systems that have been specifically developed for cement industry. CEMAT enables superior plant performance, by helping you control all processes related to quality, production and energy.

COTMAC’s team of expert and dedicated engineers have installed centralized DCS systems, with redundant automation stations, as well as client-server architecture and MIS stations, for several cement plants. In many of the scenarios, the IO counts were more than 4500.

Our User Interfaces provide clear performance analysis which help in optimizing reports specially on quality, power, heat etc.

COTMAC is one of the first and largest Siemens authorised system integrator in India. Over the years, COTMAC has built a strong and effective relationship with customers, in such a way that they trust us to deliver successful solutions on time.

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