Bus Bar Systems

Bus Bar Systems

Bus bar Systems play a very important role in Electrical Power Distribution. Bus bar is a metallic strip or bar, housed inside panel boards, for the purpose of electric power distribution. The material composition and cross-sectional size of the Bus bar determine the maximum amount of current that can be safely carried.

Bus bar systems are accepted world-wide for their flexibility, safety and ability to reduce design and integration costs. As a result, globally designers are working towards using design techniques, electrical components and integration methods to make really attractive Bus bar systems than ever before.

The bus-bars used in electrical power distributions usually have rectangular cross section bars, but they can be in other shapes also, such as round tubes, solid round bars, or shape tubes. Bus-bars are usually made up of either aluminium or copper. They are generally not insulated, and have sufficient stiffness to be supported in air by insulated pillars. These features allow sufficient cooling of the conductors, and the ability to tap in at various points without creating any new joints.

For us, in Cotmac Electronics, the Bus bar system is one of the most important highlights of our Control Panels. The designing of Bus bars are done according to the current calculation by our extensive and highly skilled design team. Our Bus bars & Panels are tested up to 100 kA fault level and are certified by CPRI.

In our Control Panels, typically Bus bars are covered with Heat Shrinkable PVC Sleeving. Bus bars are supported on SMC insulators and the Joints are tightened with specified torque and then sealed with a mark of paint. Earth bus is provided throughout the length of the panel and is brought out of the panel to facilitate the connection to the Earth Grid.

We provide more efficient layouts, simplified bill of materials,

The special advantages of our Bus bar arrangements are:

  • Bus bar designing & selection as per IS / IEC standards.
  • Fault Levels which are certified by CPRI.
  • Higher Heat dissipation.
  • Easy in Maintenance.
  • Easier Up-gradation of the Bus bar System.
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