Proper dust collection and air filtration is important in any work space. Every steel plant can have it’s own industrial releases, that can be hazardous. In today’s scenario, air pollution and it’s treatment is a major issue in this industry. The large scale furnaces release huge amount of light weighted particles. The casting takes place by melting the iron/steel into liquid and pouring them into moulds which have cavities of desired shapes. The polishing and shaping of the casts forms dust in large amount.

Thus treatment of these unwanted dust particles has to be carried out as they cause big environmental problems.

COTMAC worked along with OEM to offer automated solution for Customer’s Ash handling systems. We installed centralized PLCs at three remote stations. IO count was more than 1500. All stations communicate through Fiber optic cable in kilometers range.


  • Reduction in dust emission in environment.
  • Troubleshooting was simple and faster due to SCADA.
  • Reduction in manpower and operation cost due to centralized operation.
  • Easy commissioning and diagnostic.
  • Improved Powder conveying and storage efficiency due to better control.

Today Cotmac Electronics is ranked among the best of Automation Solution Providers across the globe.

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