Diesel engine plays an important role in today’s society. Over 100 years after Rudolf Diesel developed a working Diesel engine, there is still no real alternative for ship propulsion and electric generators in tropical and remote areas.

Ship propulsion using an electricity based system is now popular in many areas of the shipping industry. In the electric drive system, power sources are not connected directly to the propellers, as with mechanical drives. Instead, the power source, such as a diesel or gas turbine engine, drives a large electrical generator. The generator in turn, provides electricity for the motors that turn the propellers. With electric propulsion the generators can be placed in a convenient position, to allow more cargo to be carried.

For over 50 years Diesel Power Plants have been used to generate electricity all over the world. They are located mainly on Islands, in remote areas and often in regions with poor and non-existence of infrastructure in Tropics or in developing countries.

The modern diesel generator has proven to be an exceptionally versatile and robust method of providing moderate amounts of electrical generation. From critical backup generators at hospitals and nuclear power plants to diesel-electric locomotives and ships, the high power-to-weight ratio and reliability of diesel generators has made them very popular. The fuel is relatively common and can be stabilized, and has high volumetric and weight energy density.

Being an Automation Solutions Provider, Cotmac Electronics has provided total Automation for the 55 MW Diesel Power Plant having three 18.6 (18V 48/60 TS) MW engines according to the customer’s standards.

The PLC system is designed to control following sections of the Power Plant:

Common control, synchronization and protection level: Plant related control, synchronization of MV CB to step-up transformer and protection of station and step-up transformers. Automation and Control for plant related systems. SCADA system for independent supervision, monitoring and remote operating for all plant systems.

Genset related control, synchronizing and protection level: Automation and Control for each Genset systems. synchronization of Alternator CB on Black Busbar or Synchronization with Grid. Protection for Alternator CB using Siemens Siprotech Relay. SCADA system for independent supervision, monitoring and remote operating for all Genset systems.

Power Management (Load Sharing): Automation & Control for Power Control & Management for. Power Control is provided for Grid Parallel Mode & Small Island Mode.

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